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Job Announcement

School Facilitator (Part-time position in Public Primary School in Duhok)

Peace Cell Project (PCP) is a Japan-Iraq joint project. Teachers, librarians, aid workers, designers, playwrights, actors, and volunteers from Japan are working together to implement projects in Iraq focused on peace education and ecology. PCP will incorporate and build a new peace education through various programs for empowering youths and children through reading habits, communication skills, self-expression, empathy for others, awareness of the global environment and human rights, and learning about peace.

PCP is looking for a school facilitator, to be assigned to our new school library project in a public primary school - Payam School (Girbase, Duhok). The school library will be more than a place for reading books. Children can participate in the activities with the support of a school facilitator.

We are seeking a candidate for the school facilitator who is creative and genuinely enjoys working with students (age: 6-12).


  • Prepare and facilitate activities utilizing the books for primary school students (age: 6-12)

  • Provide safe and comfortable space for all the visitors to the library and answer their inquiries.

  • Protect and keep the library’s books, and other materials.

  • Take responsibilities in the administrative and recording/ reporting tasks.

  • Create an environment that is targeted towards active and participatory learning and collaboration with school teachers for promoting the active use of the school library.

  • Play an active role in the development of the school library project and also to meet the school’s overall goal and the mission.


  • Practical Proficiency in English, Arabic and Kurdish.

  • Minimum 2 years of relevant field level working experience dealing with children (primary school teacher, kindergarten teacher, NGO staff for children's activities/ child protection, librarians etc. )

  • Knowledge and interest in children's books, storytelling, theater etc.

  • Ability to listen and identify students’ needs and interests into effective library services

  • Ability to facilitate and engage a group of children.


  • This is a part-time position. (Weekly working hours will be 30 hours)

  • WORK DAY: Saturday -Thursday/ WORK HOURS: 12pm - 5pm

*The schedule may change depending on the needs of the library.


  • Interested candidates are welcome to send their CV (English, PDF) and together with a letter of interest (English, PDF) by 12 February 2022.

  • The e-mail address for the application:

  • Title the E-mail as “School Facilitator Application - (Your full name)” in English.

  • Only the candidates who are qualified for the interview will be contacted.



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