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New semester! The library is reopening 🌈

This is Payam Elementary School, which everyone is familiar with (?!).After summer vacation, I opened the library for the first time in a while!

When the chime rings, the students come running.The first one was Amelda, who works in the library.

There is a crowd at the library entrance.The classrooms for the first graders are directly across from the library.I'm so overwhelmed by the things I see in rooms I see for the first time that I find it difficult to enter.

The upperclassmen called out, “Come on!”"Take off your shoes," he tells me.

It looks like it will still take some time for it to come in (lol)

Next week we will be together with local staff Susie and teacher.I grinned and waved to the little kids, thinking that we were going to do orientation for the new first-year students!

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