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Ecology Campaign


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Clean Up the Earth

Volunteers from junior high and high schools and university students play a central role in cleaning up tourist attractions. On the bus ride to and from the sites, there are active presentations and exchanges of opinions on environmental issues. 

Renewable Energy

Iraq's electricity supply is erratic, with multiple power outages per day; one-third of the day is covered by public electricity and two-thirds by diesel generators installed in each district, and electricity prices are not cheap. In addition to the roar and black smoke, they also emit large amounts of CO2.

In September 2021, the PCP Duhok office installed a solar system, completely eliminating the use of diesel generators. Although the system is a hybrid system with public power, we never have power outages and our monthly electricity bill is almost zero. (As of September 2022)

PCP has held lectures and other events on "Environmental Issues and Electricity in Iraq" with companies promoting renewable energy, and has shown PCP's solar system to participants. 

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