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Here in Iraq we have bookstores, but very few picture books or children's literature. Most of the books for children are about learning English, discipline, morals, and religion.


There are no picture books of stories, but people are familiar with oral literature as "grandma's storytelling. It is an important traditional culture that retells the traditions and history of a people. 

In Iraq...

We perform storytelling to students at public elementary schools 2~3 times a week for about 10 minutes each time.

Children undergoing treatment at the local "Childhood Cancer & Thalassemia Center" also enjoy our picture books and story shows. 

We visit Syrian refugee and internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in Duhok province to perform storytelling to them and conduct workshops. 

Mobile Library

Children, by reading books,

learn new words,

and improve their sensitivity and self-expression,

and self-expression,

stimulate their curiosity

imagination, and develop the ability to think,

and cultivate the ability to think,

and empathy, and improve their communication skills,

and improve communication skills. 

We believe...

mobile library school.jpg
mobile library in shrya camp.jpeg

We have a mobile library that reads to children and conducts picture book workshops in nearby villages, schools, parks, and refugee and internally displaced persons camps. 

School Library

school library1.jpg

We are building a school library in a public elementary school.

We are putting in movable bookshelves to create a versatile space that can be used not only for reading books, but also for classes and workshops. 

Training for Storyteller

We offer a storyteller and facilitator training course for NGO and organization staff. We will consider why reading enhances imagination, thinking and empathy. We will also facilitate about the reading comprehension, personification, the difference between sympathy and empathy using theatrical techniques, and develop the ability to express the world of picture books. 

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