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Learning support for Syrian refugee children affected by the earthquake

Learning support for Syrian refugee children affected by the earthquake

This is the site of temporary housing in Adiyaman, a town in southeastern Turkey that has been PCP's base of operations in Turkey since the February 2023 earthquake.

For five days starting this week, Nov. 7, a total of five PCP members including representatives Takato and Hiramaru, along with supporters, are gathering at the site to check the latest situation and needs.

Many of the Syrian refugee families living there have been living in several different towns for almost 10 years now since they fled the war, and the parents are struggling to earn life expenses and maintain their livelihoods. In the midst of all this, children sometimes have to stop going to school or enable to follow their studies at school. But most children have the will to learn.

We have made a half minute video clip about how PCP started the learning support program in August and how the classes have been going so far.

There is some bright news: children have been able to register and attend school since October!

However, after observing the class and talking with the teacher today, I realize once again how important it is to have a learning support teacher who can support the children's learning in Turkish, which they are still unfamiliar with, and who can also support the individual circumstances and psychological needs of each child.

<We are now challenging crowdfunding for the continuation of learning support! >

Please visit our website at

<We are looking for supporters for PCP's activities>

You can choose from 1,000 yen for monthly and 3,000 yen for annual support.

Let's build a peaceful future together!

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