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Multilingual Storytelling Online Party Vol.4


。:’* + ☆°・ ‥.゜★。°: ゜・ 。 *゜・:゜☆


Multilingual Storytelling Online Party Vol.4

for Children

★。°: ゜・ 。 *゜・:゜☆。:’* + ☆°・ ‥.゜

■FREE Admission

Families are welcome! All ages are welcome!

Babies are most welcome!

3min "Japanese Radio Exercise" + Storytelling

You can enjoy storytelling in Kurdish, Arabic, and Japanese!

■Place : YOUR home via zoom

■Date : June 5th [Friday]

13:00~13:45 [IRAQ time] GMT/UTC + 3h

19:00~19:45 [JAPAN time] GMT + 9h

*Please make sure your time zone!

*Each session has 45 min

*We have 5 stories


Shibusawa Yako [Opening Act]

Shoichi Ayada [Japanese]

Toru Sato [Japanese Paper Theater]

Sozdar Omer [Kuridish Bahdini]

Farah Khudhair [Arabic]


1. Register your name from CONTACT page.

*Please write the event name in subject line.

*Required your name, First Language, age of kids

2. We will send the access link to your email address.

*For security, please DO NOT share that link to others.

3. Bring your device with camera and mic.

*During the event, please turn your mic OFF.

*For security, we request all the participants to turn the cameras ON.

4. Join our zoom meeting.

*You can join the meeting 30 min before start for camera test.

5. We will read the books with the permission from publishers.

6. Please DO NOT take any photos or videos through screen.

7. Let's do 3min "Radio Exercise" together before enjoying multilingual storytelling!

*"Radio Exercise" was designed in Japan by radio broadcasting 92 years ago. So it's called "Radio Exercise"!

[Video] "Radio Exercise" English version

■What is “Storytelling”?

Storytelling is the activity to read the story books for children. We will introduce storytelling with the Japanese style "KAMISHIBAI theater" as well. After storytelling, please do not ask them impression or opinion. Let the children imagine freely!

■Why “Storytelling”?


Learn New Words

Brush up Sensibility

Enhance Self-Expression

Develop Creativity

Spark Curiosity

Enrich Imagination

Cultivate Thinking Ability

Build Empathy


What's more, storytelling is the good communication between parents and children. In Japan, some mothers start storytelling for their unborn babies.

Organized by Peace Cell Project

Cooperated with Alind Organization

Special Thanks to DoE Western Duhok



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