• さまざまなプログラムを通して、読書の習慣、表現力、共感力を身につける。地球環境や人権に対する意識の向上、平和に対する学びを高めていく。

  • 将来的には、公立の学校のカリキュラムに「平和学習」を取り入れることを目標とする。

  • イラク国内でも最大数の国内避難民を受け入れ、戦争の犠牲者と近い将来に社会復帰する元子ども兵などを多数抱えるドホークを起点とすることはとても意義深い。


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The PEACE CELL PROJECT is a Japan-Iraq joint project. We are teachers, librarians, aid workers, designers, playwrights, actors, and volunteers who together sponsor projects in Iraq focused on peace education and ecology.

Drawing upon peace education, which is rooted in the historical formation of postwar Japan's cultural capital, we will incorporate and build a new peace education in order to break the "chain of retaliation" that has been handed down in Iraq through the generations.

  • Through various programs, we will aim to empower participants through reading habits, communication skills, self-expression, empathy for others, awareness of the global environment and human rights, and learning about peace.

  • We will also aim to incorporate peace education into the public school curriculum.

  • It is very meaningful to start this project in Duhok, where there are a large number of war victims, IDP [=internally displaced persons], and former child soldiers who are expected to return to society in the near future.